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Вакансии Всемирной Организации Здравоохранения

Всемирная организация здравоохранения (ВОЗ), на постоянной основе, производит набор сотрудников в региональные офисы и штаб-квартиру в Женеве.
Для того чтобы принять участие в конкурсном отборе на вакансию необходимо зарегистрироваться на сайте ВОЗ http://www.who.int/employment, заполнить свое резюме и отслеживать новые вакансии.

Свежие вакансии ВОЗ:

Номер вакансии: /12/FT179
Название: Эпидемиолог, Простудные и другие респираторные заболевания (Европейский регион)
Степень: P4
Тип контракта: Срочный
Продолжительность контракта:  один год с возможностью продления
Срок подачи заявки: до 11 июня 2012

Годовая зарплата (за вычетом налогов)
67,483 долларов США одному

72,467 USD с иждивенцами

The division of Communicable Diseases, Health Security and Environment aims to reduce disease and death caused by communicable diseases, such as influenza, tuberculosis, AIDS, malaria, sexually transmitted diseases, vaccine-preventable diseases, etc. and other processes related to communicable diseases as well as with their surveillance and response with emphases on the poorest parts of the region. Specific attention is paid to the relationships between the burden of disease, the relevant risk factors and the actions needed at country and inter-country level. The Unit provides technical inputs into implementation of WHO's country programmes (Biennial Collaborative Agreements), which are led by the WHO Country Offices, aimed at prevention and control of communicable diseases through strengthening health system capacity to detect and respond to health threats to national, regional and global health security arising from epidemic-prone, pandemic and emerging diseases. It supports Member States in designing and implementing evidence based interventions, assessing the burden of disease and monitoring progress towards reducing death and disability, by integrating these activities with management and dissemination of technical knowledge through strengthening of communicable disease surveillance and response systems and public health programmes and services. The division develops norms and standards, guidance and tools to assist countries to implement effective disease control programmes.

Purpose of the Post:
Support the Mission of the Influenza & other Respiratory Pathogens Team, Division of Health Security, Communicable Diseases and the Environment, WHO Regional Office for Europe, by coordinating and providing technical oversight to the epidemiological component of the Programme, in particular the EuroFlu Influenza surveillance platform, and for respiratory pathogens other than influenza. This position also leads the work to monitor vaccine coverage at national and regional levels and to enhance and/or introduce seasonal influenza vaccine programmes in Member States of the Region, the overall aim being to reduce morbidity and mortality due to influenza. Provides high-level technical assistance on these issues to Member States and undertakes and publishes original research using regional surveillance data.

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